What does the 'Average Time' on my dashboard measure?

We measure the time it takes a user to interact with your unit, from the time the unit came into view and until the user reached the last slide. 

It's a bit like "time to read" that some blogs show on articles, but unlike blogs which states an estimate based on the number of words, we measure actual time spent.

You'll notice that the more slides, interactive features and videos that you add the longer this time will be. Remember, adding an Apester unit to your page increases time on page, and with "Average Time" you can have a measure for that contribution. 


How it's measured:

  • We average only the time spend by users who started the unit and went all the way to the end of the unit.
  • The average time shown is just for one unit. If through our "up next"/"feed" feature the user interacts with more than one unit, the total time spent on the page is longer. 
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