What's a Feed and how is it different from Playlist?

A playlist is a one time code that when embedded to a webpage automatically rotates between units marked as on a playlist. If the playlist is contextual then the system matches the article subject to the content of the unit. Read more on playlist here

Our feed are the units that are shown once the reader completes the fiרst unit (It is what readers see as 'up next'). If the first unit is part of a channel then all the units in the channel may follow afterward. Apester tries to match units in the feed to the subject of the first unit. 

If you need to remove a unit from the feed, then you'll need to do one of the following:

1. Archive the unit.

2. Set a unit expiration date in the past.

3. For a new unit that is 'not ready' yet, save it instead of publishing it. 

4. <as of April 16 2018 this is not available yet> in settings uncheck "Remove from Feed (up next)"


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