What's a Story Strip?

Have you created a set of stories and now you want to promote them on your home page or sections page? 

Then use strip; A carousel of stories that can be placed anywhere on your site. 

Here is how it looks:


Here are some facts you should now about story: 

  • Story currently has a mobile version only.
  • It takes up 170 pixels in height and adjusts to the device width.
  • It will only show if you have at least 5 stories and will show at most 10 stories at a time.
  • It automatically picks up the most recent stories. (Therefore if you want to add an older story, make an update to that story.)
  • For each story in the strip, the thumbnail picture is made out of the cover picture and the text is taken from the first 'tag'

Want to know ho to embed a story strip in your site? Read this article

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