What's a Story Strip?

Have you created a set of stories and now you want to promote them on your home page or sections page? 

Then use strip; A carousel of stories that can be placed anywhere on your site. 

Here is how it looks:


Here are some facts you should now about story: 

  • Story currently has a mobile version only.
  • On mobile devices, it takes up 170 pixels in height and adjusts to the device width.
  • On desktop devices, it takes up 250 pixels in height and adjusts to the column's width. 
  • It will only show if you have at least 5 stories. If it's a mobile only strip it will show at most 10 stories at a time. A story strip that embed also in desktop will show up to 20 stories. 
  • It automatically picks up the most recent stories. (Therefore if you want to add an older story, make an update to that story.)
  • For each story in the strip, the thumbnail picture is made out of the cover picture or first slide picture.
  • The text in each story in the strip can be edited in the story editor. See picture below. If you don't add a tagline text, system automatically takes the first 'tag'.


Removing a story from your strip is the same as removing a story from your 'up next' content:

  1. Go to story edit
  2. At the button go to settings and select "Playlist & Feed" 
  3. Check "Exclude unit from appearing in your “up next” content (feed)"

Want to know ho to embed a story strip in your site? Read this article

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