How do I integrate a playlist to my site?


What you'll need for a successful integration

1. Access through your CMS to the article or page template, or direct access to the site's code. 

2. A login to Apester editor to get your channel's specific embed code. If you're a web developer ask your editorial contact who uses Apester's editor to send you this code. 


Where on your site should you place the playlist?

You can read more about what's a playlist in this article

Most sites place a playlist widget on every new article created in the middle or button of the article. Some publisher also add a playlist widget to their home and category pages on the rails. You can also choose to put a playlist widget just in one page and if that's the case skip step 1 and step 2 and go to the bottom of this article. 

So now that you know what's an Apester Playlist widget and you know where in your site you want the playlist let's go ahead and install it. 


Implementation step1: Header tag

The Apester header tag is a simple javascript call that initiates Apester. You need to add it to every page in the header. 

 <script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>


Implementation step 2: Playlist code

You can grab your playlist code from the Apester playlist wizard. Place the code in the body section of every article where you want the playlist widget to appear. 

1. Login to Apester and in the top menu bar select Media/Get a Playlist.


2. Follow thought the instructions make sure you pick the right channel (more on channels here). 

3. Since you already added a header tag (step 1 of this article), on the last wizard step answer "Yes" to the question "Does your site use the Apester SDK?" 


4. Copy the code and place it in the right position on the template. 

That's it you ready to go.


Special cases and more info

You can construct a playlist code yourself using Github Apester SDK documentation

If you want to place a playlist widget just on one page, then use the wizard, as described in step 2, but on the last wizard page chose "no" to "Does our site use the Apester SDK?"

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