How do I Create a Snapchat or an Instagram Story with Apester?

You can now take the same story you created with Apester for your website and use it on Snapchat and Instagram. 

You just need to:

1. Create an Apester Story.

2. In the publish section chose export. 

3. Each slide will be downloaded to your computer as a PNG in a zip file. 

4. Email the slides to yourself and then open the email on your mobile device. 

5. Open Snapchat or Instagram, upload the slides. Add elements as desired to your slides and stun your audience. 


  • Currently export is only available as PNG.
  • Remember that reactive components and buttons (for example poll answers) will not work on an image export. 
  • You can chose to export all your slides or just a few, up to ten slides. 
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