Can I Get Results in an API?

For publishers that want to integrate unit results into reporting systems, or want exact poll results and not just percentages we also have results in a JSON format.

This is how you do it: 

1. Get your Unit ID

Every interaction (poll, quiz etc.) you publish has an interaction ID. When you preview a unit, the interaction ID is part of the URL.

In the dashboard, hover over the unit and press the preview icon:


Then in the preview page, copy the ID from the URL (highlighted in yellow):

The URL looks like this:<unit_id>?preview=true


2. The paste the ID into this URL:<unit_id>?prettify=true

3. Load the URL and you'll get a JSON in this format:

"code": 200,
"message": "ok",
"payload": {
"interactionId": "",
"count": "",
"statistics": Array[6][
   "slideId": "",
   "slideTitle": "",
   "options": Array[2][
          "optionId": "",
          "optionTitle": "",
       "optionId": "",
       "optionTitle": "",


Currently JSON results is supported in Poll, Quiz, Personality Test, Countdown Poll and Interactive Video. 

To view the results optimally we recommend using online JSON formatter.

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