11 Tips for Editors

11 Quick Tips for Editors

As you go on your Apester journey you will with time notice what’s super-engaging and what isn’t, which type of image generates involvement, what gets more attention, sports or politics etc, and what wording to use for each type of question.

Regardless of this we have put together a list of what we think are the most important tips for any publisher!

The short version

We assume all the technical stuff has been taken care of, which means you have a username & password, you know where to go in order to start creating (here) etc. 

  1. Keep your readers in mind - What can you ask them?

  2. Keep creating interactions - Don’t get discouraged by one slow interaction

  3. Use a background image - Make sure it’s relevant to the story it’s in
  4. Time is a factor - Results improve over time (there's a learning curve)

  5. Use your dashboard - learn more about what’s working and what’s not

  6. What are content recommendations

  7. Enable content recommendations - (Install WP or Embed SDK)

  8. GIFs 

  9. Don’t be afraid to A/B test - see what your audience reacts to best

  10. Base an entire item on a single poll, or on the results of a poll

  11. Other components on the same article may affect engagement level

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