Playlist for WP Sites



The playlist is a one-time code that automatically rotates pre-selected monetizable Apester units directly into articles, or any other predefined location on your site.

How and where?

  • In order to use the playlist, first make sure that your site is a WP site using Apester’s WordPress plugin
  • Make sure you have the correct Apester Channel Token - You can find your token with this manual

How do I add units to my Playlist?

  • You start by creating an Apester item - as you normally would. Before publishing the unit, select the “Include in Playlist” checkbox. This will add the interaction to your playlist pool.


How do I embed a playlist?

  • Once you have at least 2 units in your Playlist pool → Go to your Settings → Settings → then the User settings tab
  • Once you’ve selected User settings, enter your channel token 


Then select Save

Now go to the Playlist tab


Select the channel where you have grouped your playlist units. 

  • Choose where you want the playlist to appear (Post, Pages, Media, etc...)
  • Select the Positioning of where you want the playlist to appear in your articles
  • Under Advanced Settings you can select to have a contextual playlist and a fallback option 


Once you have clicked "Start Using Playlist" you will receive your playlist code to embed in your template. 

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